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Why SC is For Me?


Darrious Baker’s article “Why SC is For Me?” was featured on on March 11, 2015. In the article, Darrious explains why living and working in South Carolina is just right for him.

Why South Carolina?
Because we believe our state offers a pro-business environment, an educated and skilled talent pool, a wonderful quality of life, and great place to raise a family.

How does South Carolina offer a pro-business environment?
Because South Carolina is a right-to-work state with the lowest private sector unionization rate in the country. Our state has low corporate income tax rates and offers various incentives including corporate income tax credits. Our state’s infrastructure includes access to five interstate highways, deep water seaports, a sizeable rail system, and affordable energy.

What Does South Carolina Offer for Talent?
South Carolina has more than 240,000 students enrolled in public and private higher education programs. South Carolina Technical College System’s readySCTM program offers workforce training programs that include: recruiting, screening, training, and curriculum that can be customized to meet your company’s needs.

Why we believe our state will improve your quality of life?
Our state has a low cost of living, includes access to the Appalachian Mountains, and access to beautiful beaches. Our state has over 400 championship golf courses, three of Golf Digest’s “100 Greatest Golf Courses” and seven of Golf Digest’s top 100 public golf courses. Please join our state – we believe you will love it too!

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