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The Mad March Dash for H-1B Visas


Scott Fanning’s article “The Mad March Dash for H-1B Visas” was featured in Inside Counsel on March 19, 2015.

March is bringing more madness to the workplace than basketball brackets this year. Right now, employers are preparing to submit an unprecedented 200,000 or more H-1B petitions for only 85,000 available spots for the upcoming fiscal year starting on October 1. (H-1B visas are the primary vehicle utilized by companies to temporarily employ foreign professional workers.) The competition is fierce for these limited, highly-coveted visas, and employers are engaged in a mad dash to prepare these lengthy H-1B petitions by the April 1 deadline.

In the article, Scott brings awareness to common pitfalls that affect H-1B petitions. He covers the following topics:

To read the full article, please visit Inside Counsel.


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