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Phoenix Business Journal: Flexible Leave Policies: Is Your Business ADA Compliant?


Shayna Balch was a guest blogger for the Phoenix Business Journal on February 24, 2015.

As an employer, managing employees' personal needs is never an easy task. Workers may often be dealing with a sick child or relative, or may be faced with a personal situation that would require them to be absent from work for an extended period of time. While the knee-jerk reaction may be to terminate an employee who is absent more than they should be, employers need to first consider flexible leave time as an alternative to dismissal.

In the article, Shayna provides employers with tips on things they should consider to avoid potential legal pitfalls.

Shayna advises companies and their HR professionals to ensure that they have a solid understanding of the ADA and managing employee leaves.

To read the full article, please visit Phoenix Business Journal.

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