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Law360 Taps Atlanta Partner For Primer on Key Employment Law Issues for Hospitality Industry


For the first of its two-part article series on the top employment law issues that employers face in the hospitality industry, Law360 turned to Andria Ryan for practical guidance. In the first article, Andria explores the special employment-related challenges like wage and hour exemption misclassification, record-keeping, employing minors, tip credits and tip pooling, as well as overtime and classifying independent contractors and interns. She says, “Employees [in the hospitality industry] work long hours, side-by-side, often in operations continuing 24/7. Hospitality employers frequently face shortages of skilled workers; multitudes of local, state, and federal laws and regulations; and high turnover, yet they must still provide excellent guest service.”

To read the full article, visit Law360 (subscription required).


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