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Is Your Company Ready for a Union Ambush?


Lori Armstrong Halber and Rick Grimaldi’s article “Is Your Company Ready for a Union Ambush?” was featured in the Philadelphia Business Journal on April 15, 2015.

In the article, Lori and Rick provide advice to employers on how to better prepare themselves for a union ambush.

Lori and Rick recommend that employers ensure their policies and procedures are up to date and being enforced consistently – employees who believe they are treated fairly and have a voice are less likely to vote for a union. They also advise conducting a wage survey and make sure their compensation plan is in line with the market. Furthermore, employers should promote open communication with their employees and address their issues.

To read the full article, please visit Philadelphia Business Journal.

This article was picked up by the National Council of Agricultural Employers' Newsletter on April 24, 2015.

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