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Coming to a Workplace Near You – Wearable Technology


Thomas Cox’s article “Coming to a Workplace Near You – Wearable Technology” was featured in the Atlanta Tribune on July 27, 2015.

Wearable Technology or “wearables” has become the latest rage. The term refers to anything electronic that is worn by the user. Not only have wearables moved from fad to reality, they have also moved into the modern workplace. With smart watches, activity monitors and other technology being worn by workers, this phenomenon has sparked a new debate regarding the privacy and ethical implications for management in this new data-rich reality.

Whether it’s technology that is woven into an athletic shirt, a watch worn by an employee, or technology embedded in an employee’s eyeglasses, wearable technology appears to be here to stay. The Harvard Business Review, recently referred to the practice of linking wearable computing devices with data analysis and feedback to improve performance as physiolytics. Physiolytics is now a part of the American workplace lexicon.

In the article, Thomas discusses how the rise of wearable technology in the workplace has sparked several questions in which employers should be concerned about; such as can these tools be used to increase the bottom line without eroding employee privacy? And can the use of this new technology by employees be controlled so that company trade secrets and other confidential information is not lost or misused?

Together with competent counsel, management and human resources, Thomas advises companies to make sure that all employee policies are updated to take wearable technology into account. Companies should also be aware and vigilant to avoid covert recording and harassment allegations.

To read the full article, please visit Atlanta Tribune.

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