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ADVISER: Right-To-Work Legislation Could Be Hot-Button Issue Soon In Ohio


Crain's Cleveland Business featured Jim Kurek's article "ADVISER: Right-To-Work Legislation Could Be Hot-Button Issue Soon In Ohio" in the January 14, 2013 issue of SMALL BUSINESS.

Michigan recently passed right-to-work legislation affecting both private and public sector employees despite strong union opposition.

Earlier in 2012, Indiana also had passed a right-to-work law. As those traditionally union-friendly states pass right-to-work laws, there is likely to be increased pressure for Ohio and other Midwestern states to also consider passing such laws.

But what is right-to-work, and how could it potentially impact employers and employees here in the Buckeye State?

What is a right-to-work law?

Under federal labor law, and many state laws, an employer and a union can in their collective bargaining agreement require employees covered by the agreement to either join the union or face discharge, and to have union dues and assessments automatically deducted from their paychecks.

However, federal labor law specifically allows that individual states can outlaw those agreements.

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