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A Lawyer's Advice to Businesses During Flu Season


David Monk’s article “A Lawyer’s Advice to Businesses During Flu Season” was featured in Times of San Diego on January 9, 2015.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the flu is already “widespread” this year in 43 states. In addition, because this year’s flu vaccine appears to be a poor match for the strains that are showing up, the CDC fears that this season may be more deadly than in recent years.

This kind of outbreak takes its toll not only on people, but also on businesses and their workplaces.

In the article, David provides employers with five tips on what to do if the flu invades your workforce.

  1. Use Common Sense
  2. Take A More Proactive Approach.
  3. The Pushback To Mandatory Vaccination
  4. Collective Bargaining Concerns
  5. Don’t Ignore Precautions

To read the full article, please visit Times of San Diego.


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