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Pay Equity Matters: Mind the Gap

Posts from December 2017.

Six months ago, the Oregon legislature passed the most sweeping statewide equal pay law in the nation. It was a confusing move for some. After all, Oregon has had an equal pay law on the books since the early 1980s, while the federal Equal Pay Act has been in place in 1963.

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A California Superior Court judge in San Francisco handed Google a win in its defense of a putative class action brought by three former employees, dismissing the pay equity Complaint as to all three plaintiffs. While Google will likely face an amended Complaint that could revive the pay disparity lawsuit, this order may limit such claims by forcing would-be plaintiffs to allege something more than just citing to company policy or practice that allegedly resulted in women being less than men. 

The Albany County, New York legislature recently unanimously voted to amend the Albany County Human Rights Law to ban employers from asking about a job applicant’s salary history.  The law took effect December 17, 2017.  With passage of this law, Albany County joins New York City, Philadelphia, Massachusetts, Oregon, Puerto Rico, California and San Francisco on the ever-growing list of jurisdictions that ban inquiries into salary history. 

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