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Your Guide to Changing Paid Sick Leave Laws


Peter Gillespie was quoted in Bloomberg Businessweek on November 6, 2014. The article “Your Guide to Changing Paid Sick Leave Laws” discussed the importance of employers revisiting their company sick leave policies with cold and flu season beginning. Especially in places where laws have recently mandated that private companies provide their employees with paid sick days.

Peter said employers should never encourage unwell employees to show up for work. “It makes sense, from a productivity perspective, to help protect your overall workforce from having someone come in who is contagious,” Peter said. But the complexity and cost of complying with major new regulation is difficult, particularly for small business. “In many cases, the businesses most affected by this are the ones that may not be able to incur the expense of having attorneys review the policies for them. And it does create yet another avenue for somebody who is not a loyal employee anyway to game the system,” Peter said.

To read the full article, please visit Bloomberg Businessweek.

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