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Yelp's ‘Social Media War' Raises Eyebrows


The article, “Yelp’s ‘Social Media War’ Raises Eyebrows,” featured in SHRM, discussed how outcries may go viral when an employer tries to explain why someone was fired.

Peter Gillespie provided his take on the situation.

A company tweet about someone’s discharge “can be very counterproductive,” said Peter. “Once the information is out there, it’s difficult to control the public’s reaction,” he noted. And there’s the possibility the post will be used as an admission in court if there is subsequent litigation, “especially if the posting is not 100 percent accurate.” This is possible given Twitter’s character count limit.

A press release “is easier to control than social media,” as the recipients of a press release can be more easily controlled and response to social media “snowballs much faster,” Peter said.

In response to Yelp’s tweet, for example, Senigaglia blogged, “Hey Yelp, can you send over a record of these repeated warnings you speak of? I must have been absent for them,” among other critical remarks.

If there is a statement that is inaccurate, it could give rise to a defamation claim, he said.

To read the full article, please visit SHRM.

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