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When You've Got Cold or Flu, Don't Infect Co-workers


In the article, "When You've Got Cold or Flu, Don't Infect Co-workers," featured on, Attorney Melissa Dials discusses why employees should stay home if they're sick. 

Melissa Dials, a lawyer who has a relationship with the Cleveland office of Fisher Phillips, a national labor and employment law firm representing management, said having sick days makes it easier for employees with communicable diseases to stay home.

"Employers can voluntarily adopt paid sick time policies that prevent the spread of contagious illnesses to co-workers and the public, and allow sick employees to recover faster so they can return to work," she said in an email.

Dials said employers could order sick employees to stay home under certain circumstances.

"During a flu outbreak, employers may ask employees if they are experiencing flu-like symptoms, such as fever or chills, without violating the ADA's (Americans with Disabilities Act) restriction on "disability-related" inquiries," she said. "If employees display such symptoms, employers can send them home to protect the health of others. In addition, employers can require employees to provide a fitness for duty certification from their healthcare provider before returning to work."

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