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Wearables Could Compromise Corporate Data


The article, “Wearables Could Compromise Corporate Data,” featured in Computer World, reported on potential data security risks in workplaces, in light of an increase in popularity of smartwatches and other wearable devices.

Peter Gillespie shared his concerns of wearables in the workplace.

As wearables begin to flood the workplace, the risk to employers could begin to look like “BYOD on steroids,” said Peter.

He is concerned that as smartwatches are allowed to attach to emails — or internal productivity software in some cases — vital corporate and personal data could be lost, stolen or corrupted.

The problem is only just emerging and few companies seem to understand the potential harms, Peter and others said.

“As of now, wearables and Internet of Things devices are not getting attached to employer networks and so it’s not been viewed as a serious problem,” Peter said in an interview. “But I do think employer IT and HR departments should be aware that the consumer rollout of wearables has not been designed with enterprise data security in mind.”

He’s unaware of even a single example of a user of a personally owned wearable device creating a data security problem for a company, but added: “It’s something we’re looking at in terms of anticipating potential problems before they happen.”

“It’s very difficult to anticipate how creative folks can get about pulling off data and making use of it…and whether that turns into a problem,” Peter added.

To read the full article, please visit Computer World.

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