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This Job Interview Question Was Just Banned in Massachusetts


The article, “This Job Interview Question Was Just Banned in Massachusetts,” featured on Leader Call, reported on a new bill signed by Governor Charlie Baker which requires equal pay for equal work in Massachusetts.

Amber Elias weighed in on the new law.

“What does the new law do? While it may limit the discussion, it doesn't make salary a taboo subject,” said Amber. People who graduate into a recession, for instance, tend to earn lower salaries for years after the economy has recovered, mostly because they picked the wrong moment to go out for their first job; the Massachusetts law might make it easier to make up for that kind of early disadvantage.

"To change the culture, we have to bring up our sons to remind them that there is no difference, that they should revere and push forward their sisters, their wives, of course their mothers, and be the culture change," she said.

To read the full article, please visit Leader Call.

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