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Supreme Court Upholds Arbitrator's Decision in Favor of Class Arbitration


Matthew Korn, an attorney in the Columbia office, was quoted in two articles about a Supreme Court ruling that upheld an arbitrator’s decision in favor of class arbitration. The high court ruled  that courts can't second-guess an arbitrator's interpretation of a contract, backing an arbitrator's ruling that a doctor's pursuit of class arbitration against insurer Oxford Health Plans, LLC was permitted under the language of a reimbursement agreement. In the June 10 Employment Law360 article “Class Action Attys React To High Court's Arbitration Ruling” Matt said: “Although many employers have effectively addressed the problems associated with Oxford Health Plan’s arbitration clause by specifically prohibiting class arbitrations, the Supreme Court’s decision highlights the importance of regularly reviewing your company’s arbitration clauses to ensure the language explicitly states your company’s intentions.” 

In the article “Supreme Court Upholds Arbitrator’s Decision in Favor of Class Arbitration,” on SHRM Online, Matt noted that companies should make sure their agreements are very clear about what they intend. He added, “I’m positive there are companies with broadly worded arbitration clauses, such as the one before the Supreme Court.”

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