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Should You Smoke Your E-Cigarette at Your Desk?


Lawrence Lee was quoted in MainStreet on June 16, 2015. The article “Should You Smoke Your E-Cigarette at Your Desk?” addressed e-cigarettes in the workplace.

While a few smaller employers are more lenient in allowing smoky things at the office, it is still “very rare to be able to smoke at work,” said Lawrence. Employers can classify e-cigarettes in the same category as cigarettes.

Employers should have a clear and concise policy to address any type of smoking at the workplace, Lawrence said. Some cities such as Boulder, Colo. have adopted a law which does not allow vaping within offices, bars and restaurants, he said. Each city has taken a different approach, and in Denver, for example, vaping at those public establishments is still permissible. “Really, the only law in Colorado which bans vaping occurs through a prohibition on school grounds,” Lawrence said.

The bottom line is that employers are free to allow these products “as they see fit in the workplace,” Lawrence said.

One emerging trend is that many smokers are encouraging others to switch over to e-cigarettes and are promoting it as a more healthy option and as a way to quit smoking, he said.

“There is a massive and growing industry for e-cigarettes,” Lawrence said. “If you have an owner of a business or a manager who quit smoking a long time ago, they may be more inclined to allow vaping to take place at work.”

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