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Relationships Pose Many Risks, Require Vigilance From HR


Bloomberg BNA quoted Rich Meneghello in the December 11 article “Relationships Pose Many Risks, Require Vigilance From HR.”  In the wake of David Petraeus's resignation as director of the CIA after it was revealed that he had a romantic relationship with his biographer, the issue of workplace romances has once again come to the forefront.  With the combination of email and texts being so prevalent, Rich noted that social media “just takes it to the next level.” He said, “People of a certain generation [find] it nearly impossible to live their life without documenting it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.”  More and more evidence is created that could lead to the revelation of a secret.  Love contracts are an effective tool for protecting the employer without strictly prohibiting relationships in the workplace.  A love contract is a document that both individuals in the relationship sign that says they have come forward with their consensual relationship, the relationship does not violate the company's harassment policy, and they promise to waive and release the company from any liability stemming from the relationship. Rich added, “There's no magic bullet for [a co-worker relationship] situation.” Though the relationship could still sour, the love contract absolves the company of dealing with the fallout of a breakup.


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