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OT Rules Set But Could Shift with New President


The article, “OT Rules Set But Could Shift with New President,” featured in Hotel News Now, discussed how the new overtime-exemption rule will still go into effect at the beginning of next month, but many wonder what will happen to the rule under a Donald Trump presidency.

Andria Ryan examined scenarios in which the overtime rule might be changed or delayed.

A Texas court currently is weighing consolidated lawsuits against the rule, but Andria Ryan, said it’s not like the judge can decide the whole case in one hearing. And if the U.S. House of Representatives or Senate, emboldened by the results of the presidential election, try to push forward any bill at this point, President Barack Obama won’t sign it, she said.

Trump promised during his campaign to roll back the regulations, she said, and there is precedent. President Ronald Reagan issued executive orders that effectively rolled back a number of regulations that came about during the Carter administration. An executive order could call for further study, which would delay the rule from going into effect.

It’s likely Trump will seek to keep his campaign promises of rolling back this and other regulations he disagrees with, Andria said, but no one can be sure what he’ll do or when.

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