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Organizing Unions Online? There May Be An App for That


Jose Klein was quoted in Legal News on August 28, 2015. The article “Organizing Unions Online? There May Be An App for That” discussed how although there may not be an app for organizing unions in the workplace as of yet, employment lawyers think it's just a matter of time before one pops up.

Jose was quoted on the rise of unions in the workplace.

"The (decline) has pretty much been ongoing since the 1970s, from a high point in the 1950s, when about 40 percent of the private-sector workforce was unionized," said Jose. "Now, it's about six percent.

"It's been a long, steady decline, and there are a lot of reasons why. Some of it has to do with jobs being shipped away to other countries. Some of it has to do with just changes in attitudes of the American worker."

Despite the union stance that an app for workplace organizing isn't needed, Jose believes the question isn't if an app for organizing in the workplace will be created, but when.

"This app would make organizational activities a lot less visible to employers," Jose said. "It's possible there could be elaborate conversations going on that the employer would have no way of knowing about."

That's why Jose said it's critical for employers to gauge and address - employee satisfaction related to work conditions.

"It's really important that (owners) understand and keep an eye on employee sentiment, and the key piece there is your front line supervisors, who operate as liaisons between owners and employees," he said.

Sometimes the solution can be as simple as creating a workplace committee to provide a way to address issues and concerns before they have a change to fester and spread, according to Jose.

"One of the things that leads employees to organize is when employees feel the employer does not hear them or their concerns," he said. "It's a world in which employers need to figure out ways to remain connected to employees' feelings, to understand what employees are feeling and try to address employee concerns before they mushroom into clandestine organizing."

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