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Olympics Translate Into Lost Productivity


Lawrence Lee, a partner in the Denver office, was quoted in the July 30 Denver Business Journal article "Olympics Translate Into Lost Productivity." Larry noted that the broad appeal of the London Olympics will result in a greater effect on worker productivity than the March Madness surrounding the NCAA Division 1 men's basketball tournament. He said: "The fact that all events throughout the duration of the games are both televised and streamed online means that an employee or employees may spend an inordinate amount of time discussing or watching events or looking up results. Employees watching the games via live streaming severely compromise your organization's network speed, further negatively impacting productivity." He noted, however, that unless employees' distraction over the Olympics gets out of control, employers should retain some flexibility with workers who likely are overworked in today's tough economy. "Don't be too inflexible — remember that an event like the Olympics can actually boost employee morale and provide some relief from the stresses and strains of the job."


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