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NLRB’s Rollback Initiative


Attorney, Lisa Vickery, was quoted in Human Resource Executive's article, "NLRB’s Rollback Initiative." The Board issued several rulings on what constitutes joint employer status, employee handbook and workplace rules, union “micro-unit” bargaining considerations and changes to benefits as they relate to collective-bargaining agreements. Overturning Browning-Ferris is the ruling that is grabbing the most attention.

Lisa Vickery says the NLRB decision signals to employers the Board’s interest in shifting away from its pro-union stance of the Obama years by creating a more equitable balance for employers.

“The board is saying by overruling Browning-Ferris that it’s taking away the uncertainty for employers,” she says. “The pre-Browning-Ferris standard was the actual exercise of control. So, employers are able to now contract with staffing agencies or franchisees in a way that they don’t have to fear any ‘perceived’ joint-employer relationship.”

To red the full article, please visit Human Resource Executive.


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