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New Paid Sick Leave Law has Some Stakeholders Feeling Ill


Fallon Niedrist was quoted in the DJC Oregon on November 19, 2015. The article “New Paid Sick Leave Law has Some Stakeholders Feeling Ill” discussed how in In six weeks, a major change will hit Oregon labor law, and the construction industry and other interests that fought a paid sick leave proposal in the Legislature are worried about enforcement once it becomes the law of the land.

A lot is at stake, according to labor and employment lawyer Fallon.

“(BOLI) has pretty broad discretion to fill in the gaps,” she said. “And the law itself is pretty broad and doesn’t give a lot of details. (The draft sick time rules) aren’t very inclusive right now. I’m guessing over the next few years, BOLI’s going to add more regulations.”

Fallon said the vast majority of the clients she counsels already provide 40 hours of sick time annually, but not all of their employees accrue it as fast as the law requires (one hour for every 30 worked). Some make staff members work a full year before the benefit kicks in. But under the draft rules, employees start earning their time off the day they start work and must be able to take it within 90 days.

To read the full article, please visit the DJC Oregon.

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