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Marijuana Law Doesn't Protect Workers If Companies Forbid Use


Nesheba Kittling was quoted in an article entitled “Marijuana Law Doesn't Protect Workers If Companies Forbid Use,” posted on Journal Star.

According to the article, some chronically ill patients hoping to legally access medical marijuana in Illinois may be out of luck if their employers choose to maintain or create zero-tolerance drug policies.

The Illinois  medical marijuana law protects patients from arrest or prosecution for using the drug, but it doesn’t protect them from being terminated if they test positive for the drug and their employers restrict its use.

“If an employer already has a drug policy, there’s nothing in the act that prevents them from enforcing that drug policy,” said Nesheba. “If you have a zero-tolerance policy, the act allows you to enforce that regardless if someone is using marijuana.

Read the full article. Nesheba was also quoted in Journal Standard.


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