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Lack of Degree Sometimes Can Be Overlooked


Chicago attorney Peter Gillespie was interviewed in the SHRM Online article "Lack of Degree Sometimes Can Be Overlooked." The article reported on a recent Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) recommendation that employers broaden their hiring pool by considering job applicants who lack a high school diploma or college degree when the job does not really require one. Peter said that, while there are plenty of positions that require a degree in a subject area to do the job, such as a computer science degree, he's met business owners who did not have a high school diploma but did well in business. There can be some legal risks. He cautioned that someone without a degree might be willing to take a lower salary to get in the door. But once the person is established in the position, lower pay might not be safe under anti-discrimination laws if the person performs the job as well as those with degrees.

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