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Labor Laws Leave Georgia Unable To Contend In Unionization Battles


Tex McIver was quoted in an article posted Red and Black entitled “Labor Laws Leave Georgia Unable To Contend In Unionization Battles.”

The article recounted that after a nearly two-month long battle, Kain Colter and the College Athletes Players Association have won their appeal to the National Labor Relations Board to be classified as employees.

The ruling gives the players at Northwestern the right to form a players’ union and poses a major challenge to the NCAA’s model of amateurism, according to the article. But, labor laws in Georgia prevent the possibility of the University of Georgia’s football players from ever forming a union.

“This could not happen at the University of Georgia,” said Tex.

Georgia abides by “right to work” labor law, which allows employees the option to decline union membership when one is available. A handful of “right to work” states also have further legislation that prevent state employees from forming unions, which would apply in the case of any potential players’ union, Tex explained.



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