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Hammered at the Holiday Party?


Jason Storipan was quoted in SHRM on December 3, 2015. The article “Hammered at the Holiday Party?” provided tips on how to avoid alcohol-related injuries and lawsuits at workplace holiday parties.

“If possible, don’t serve alcohol. Alcohol can lead to lots of problems,” warned Jason. Employees who overindulge at a work function can cost a company millions if they injure someone driving drunk, injure themselves, become belligerent and pick a fight, or behave inappropriately and invite sexual harassment charges, he said.

Jason also offered tips these tips for companies that plan to serve alcohol at their holiday events:

Have the party at a restaurant, or use professional bartenders who are trained not to overserve customers.  “You want people who are pros when it comes to serving alcohol,” Jason said. “It also spreads the legal liability around if there’s a problem.”

Invite families. “People are less likely to go a little crazy with the spouse or kids there,” he pointed out.

 And Jason advised sending out a reminder before the party about company policies on alcohol and sexual harassment. “I know it can be a buzzkill for the holiday spirit, but remind people: ‘These are our policies.’ ”

To read the full article, please visit SHRM.


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