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Fisher Phillips Attorney Quoted in The Chronicle of Higher Education’s 2021 Risk Management Feature


Rina Grassotti recently spoke with The Chronicle of Higher Education on federal guidance for campus policies that could change or remain the same under the Biden administration. The article touches on Title IX guidelines, immigration policies and new guidance on the Clery Act, a 1990 law requiring tracking and reporting of crimes on campus. Rina says changes will likely be made, but it is likely the new administration might take a middle-of-the-road approach compared to the Obama administration. Currently, she says, the law’s hearsay rules are confusing and may present additional complexities when it comes to online forms of harassment, which she says have increased at some colleges during the pandemic. Rina also explains that there is confusion around how colleges should best handle situations in which a student files a report but doesn’t make a formal complaint. The pandemic has only exasperated the confusion, which has led to increased colleges’ insecurities about instituting Title IX protocols.

To read the article, visit  The Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription required).



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