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Experts Discuss Impact of NLRB Micro-Unit Decision


Rick Grimaldi, Lori Armstrong Halber and Todd Lyon were quoted in the Akron Legal News article “Experts Discuss Impact of NLRB Micro-Unit Decision. The article discusses the December 15, 2017 newly reconstituted NLRB overruling the decision that allows unions to organize smaller units of employees, often called “micro-units.” 

They represented PCC Structurals in the action against the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers AFL-CIO District Lodge W24. 

Rick said by overturning Specialty Healthcare, the board reaffirmed that the community-of-interest test requires “the board in each case to determine whether the employees are organized into a separate department; have distinct skills and training; have distinct job functions and perform distinct work, including inquiry into the amount and type of job overlap between classifications; are functionally integrated with the employer’s other employees; have frequent contact with other employees; interchange with other employees; have distinct terms and conditions of employment and are separately supervised.” 

“It’s highly unlikely that the PCC Structurals decision will be reversed any time soon,” added Lori. 

To read the full article, visit Akron Legal News.

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