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Employers Can Take Steps to Mitigate Risk Of Workplace Mass Homicides, Experts Say


Mike Abcarian, managing partner of the Dallas office, was interviewed for the August 20 BNA - Human Resources Report "Employers Can Take Steps to Mitigate Risk Of Workplace Mass Homicides, Experts Say." In the wake of recent mass shootings in Colorado and Wisconsin, the article cited a study conducted by an organization for security professionals that suggested employers should develop policies and practices to address workers who make threats against others in the workplace. The report stated that the phenomenon of workplace mass homicides by employees is something that each workplace could potentially experience. According to the report, every instance of workplace mass homicide has included use of a firearm. State statutes allowing workers to have guns on company property can complicate the situation for employers. Mike referred to a Texas law that allows employees to lock their firearms in their cars in employer parking lots. He noted that employers continue to have the right to prohibit firearms in working areas but the law has greatly concerned employers. He said the greater the presence of firearms on company premises, the statistically greater probability something bad may happen.

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