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Driver is Employee, Not Contractor: Ruling May Shake up Uber


John Skousen was quoted in The OC Register on June 17, 2015. The article “Driver is Employee, Not Contractor: Ruling May Shake up Uber” discussed how a ruling in a San Francisco case, which said an Uber driver is an employee, could end up giving drivers more flexibility.

John was quoted on his take of the ruling.

“You can’t hide behind a ride-sharing concept and always come out free and clear,” said John.  He said companies need to exercise caution when a contractor’s activity – driving, in this case – accounts for a substantial part of its business.

John noted that an existing state wage order exempts taxi drivers from being classified as employees. He said the labor commissioner focused on a few things, such as phone and vehicle requirements, and noted that Uber might ultimately prevail.

To read the full article, please visit The OC Register.


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