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Data Dilemma: What to Do When BYOD Workers Say ‘Bye'

6.6.14 quoted Atlanta Of Counsel, Michael Elkon in the June 6, 2014 article “Data Dilemma: What to Do When BYOD Workers Say ‘Bye.”

Having carefully crafted policies and technologies that are strictly adhered to doesn’t just protect the company from losing data to an individual ex-employee, said Michael Elkon, a labor attorney who is of counsel at Fisher Phillips. He works with companies on trade secret disputes. It establishes the value of that data in the event of future litigation, he said.

“One element of proving that something is a trade secret is being able to demonstrate the steps you’ve taken to protect it in the past,” he said. If companies let some employees walk out without having their devices wiped, it will make it much harder to argue in court that a piece of data is a trade secret that you have worked hard to protect. “A good BYOD policy that is rigorously applied is essential to that.”


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