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Attys React To Supreme Court's DirecTV Arbitration Decision


Rochelle Nelson was quoted in Law360 on December 11, 2015. The article “Attys React To Supreme Court's DirecTV Arbitration Decision” provided insight from attorneys as to why the Supreme Court’s DirecTV Arbitration Decision was significant.

Rochelle said “What does this decision mean? According to Justice Breyer’s majority, not much. Justice Breyer explained that today’s decision 'falls well within the confines of (and goes no further than) present well-established law.' Nonetheless, the decision is reflective of the court’s preference for arbitration enforcement, as well as its willingness to involve itself on matters traditionally within the state’s purview. The court refrained from drawing a bright line as to when federal courts will review a state court decision, but held that federal review may be appropriate to determine whether the state court’s decision places arbitration 'on equal footing' with all other contracts.”

To read the full article, please visit Law360.

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