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Are LinkedIn Parties Legal?


Peter Gillespie was quoted in SHRM on September 9, 2015. The article “Are LinkedIn Parties Legal?” examines how some employers are using mandatory “LinkedIn parties” to gather names and contact information for job prospects from their workers, but employees unhappy with being required to participate in these events are raising questions about their legality.

Peter said LinkedIn parties wouldn’t violate most social media laws, which typically prohibit only asking for passwords to employees’ or applicants’ social media accounts and “shoulder surfing.” (With shoulder surfing, a manager looks over an applicant’s or employee’s shoulder while the individual scrolls through his or her social media profile.)

What if, for example, an employee considers her social media contacts to be her own personal property? Peter said the employee could choose not to divulge the contacts’ names and simply say, “I don’t know who would be a good fit.” But that might not satisfy the employer if employees are expected to provide a certain number of names at each LinkedIn party.

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