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Are Dealers Ready for an ICE Raid or Audit?


In the Floor Covering News article “Are Dealers Ready for an ICE Raid or Audit?,” Davis Bae and David Jones discuss the importance for businesses to prepare for ICE raids or audits before the incidents occur.  

It can be relatively easy for undocumented workers to provide acceptable looking I-9 documentation and pass the employment verification process. “Moreover, once an individual has made it into a company in this manner, he or she may advertise the company to other undocumented workers,” said David. “In the event of an audit or raid, a company that believed all of its workers were lawful can suddenly be without a workforce.” 

Davis advises employers to conduct an internal audit so they can review data, check compliance and take any corrective measures before ICE comes calling. “ICE tends to be very gentle on employers who take corrective action before they audit a worksite,” he adds. “By going through and auditing the I-9s, you can frequently make ICE’s job easier, which could result in them lessening or even waiving fines.” 

To read the full article, visit Floor Covering News.

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