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Plan Documents: ERISA, Section 125, SPDs, and Wraps, Oh My!

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Lorie Maring hosted a webinar in partnership with UBA (United Benefit Advisors) entitled "Plan Documents: ERISA, Section 125, SPDs, and Wraps, Oh My!" on October 1, 2016. 

Group health plans have a multitude of documents that need to be compliant with federal regulations. Cafeteria plans must have plan documents as well as documentation evidencing the adoption of the plan, and plans subject to ERISA need a plan document outlining the plan's terms for a number of items, including eligibility, benefits, exclusions, a named fiduciary and plan administrator, claims and appeals procedures, funding information, and other items. These requirements are separate from the summary plan description, or SPD, as well as Summary of Benefits and Coverage, os SBC requirement that plans must also meet.

This webinar helped employers understand what plan documents they need, what the documents should contain, and the implications of using a "wrap document" to wrap the ERISA plan document and SPD requirements into one document.

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