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How to Avoid Harassment in the Workplace

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Bullying, harassment and discrimination can go viral in the workplace and result in doom. Just like what happened to Fox TV's Bill O'Reilly. Many people believe there is a gray area where some degree of inappropriate conduct is tolerable.

In reality, intolerable behavior can be clearly defined and set forth in company policies that minimize gray areas and provide crystal-clear standards for your organization’s culture.

In this live online training by experienced employment attorney Tracy Moon, you will receive clear guidance on the legal standards that inform how you should set forth, train and enforce anti-discrimination and anti-harassment p olicies. These policies will protect you and your employees from illegal acts and their legal consequences.

Learning Objectives

  1. Proactive steps to deal with claims of discrimination, harassment and retaliation
  2. Consequences of ineffective handling of such claims
  3. Loss of defenses resulting in dismissal or favorable resolution of an employment lawsuit
  4. Policies and recommendations

Topics Include


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