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Avoiding Union Harassment Through Improved OSHA Compliance

Date and Time

2011 Hospitality Employer Webinar Series

Free Webinar:  Thursday, January 20, 2011, 12:00 p.m - 1:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

Starting with OSHA, for two years, the Administration has radically changed enforcement strategies, increased employer requirements, and upped exposure. OSHA issued 300% more citations last year than in previous years; the EEOC hit a 45-year high in charges; and traditional wage-hour and NLRB interpretations were repeatedly discarded. As shown by the U.S. DOL's published master strategy, "Plan, Prevent, Protect," and the "Bridge to Justice" initiative, the Administration is coordinating these efforts between agencies and even with unions and trial lawyers.

With their preoccupation on politics and legislation, some union organizers have ignored the opportunities presented to them for harassing employers and creating wedges between management and employees. However, UNITE-HERE, the SEIU, and other unions focusing on the hospitality industry have begun to effectively use OSHA complaints and other legal claims to bring pressure on employers during contract negotiations or as an organizing tactic. UNITE-HERE upped the ante at the end of the year by filing OSHA complaints alleging housekeeper ergonomic injuries at eight hotels in Illinois, California, Indianapolis, and Honolulu.

Employers can blunt these organizing efforts by effectively self-auditing their OSHA compliance and related areas, and can use these compliance efforts to strengthen their employee communications efforts and to improve frontline supervisory strategies that can render union approaches ineffectual.

We will cover the following subjects during this session,

This webinar is provided free to management members of hospitality employers. To sign up, please e-mail Daphne Gilbert at, and list your property and your name and title, and she will e-mail the registration link. A paticipants manual will be provided to attendees. For questions, contact Howard A. Mavity at

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