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OSHA's Focus on Safety Incentives, Severe Violations Enforcement Program, and the use of Temporary Employees in the Workplace - Workforce Safety and OSHA Webinar Forum

Date and Time

This webinar was originally presented on November 18, 2014.

Please join members of the Fisher Phillips Workplace Safety and Catastrophic Management Practice Group for a free webinar series to provide the latest updates on OSHA’s enforcement and regulatory focuses, effective settlement strategies, as well as in depth analysis on safety and health best practices and how they impact a company’s safety program.

Over the past several years OSHA has been increasing its enforcement efforts against all employers. As part of its emphasis on enforcement OSHA instituted a number of new programs and has instructed it’s investigators to examine a number of new issues. These new issues include training and supervision of temporary employees, foreseeing how the company has implemented its safety incentive programs and whether the programs retaliate against injured employees as well as placing companies in the severe violators enforcement program for wrongful and egregious violations. The program will examine all the recently developed OSHA programs and discusses how employers can protect themselves from being cited.

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