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  • AB 1825 Supervisor Training Session, AB 1825 Supervisor "Train-the-Trainer" Session, and SB 1343 Employee Harassment "Train-the-Trainer" Session

    This session is designed for human resources professionals who are experienced in the area of sexual harassment training and investigations.

  • Tensions in the Workplace: A Roundtable Discussion

    We strive to create a workplace where everyone feels safe bringing their “entire authentic self” to work. Sounds great, in theory. In application, however, this approach inevitably leads to tension among coworkers. The tension might arise from social media content, message board chats, watercooler talk, or other discussions on topics about which people tend to have strongly held positions and beliefs.

  • 11.3.20

    During this hour-long Lunch N Learn webinar, attorneys Nicole Kamm and Aymara Ledezma will take a detailed look at five important bills from the 2020 legislative session, including California Supplemental Paid Sick Leave, CFRA amendments, COVID-19 workers compensation presumption, COVID-19 reporting requirements, and revisions to independent contractor classification. We will address common questions and discuss best practices and recommendations heading into the new year.

  • Steps to negotiating a “labor peace agreement” and “collective bargaining agreement” when dealing with a union

    Fisher Phillips and Cannabiz Team invite you to a one-hour webinar about unions and the cannabis industry.

    With the cannabis workforce booming, many state statutes require cannabis employers enter into Labor Peace Agreements with labor unions as a means to organize the workers into a union. Once organized, cannabis employers must bargain a collective bargaining agreement with the union. In this virtual seminar, Fisher Phillips cannabis labor lawyers will advise how to negotiate a state compliant Labor Peace Agreement, what happens after employees organize a union and how to negotiate a Collective Bargaining Agreement. 

    If you’re a cannabis retailer, distributor, testing laboratory, or cannabis event organizer, you won’t want to miss this informative program. Other cannabis industry partners that will benefit from attending are Professional Employer Organizations (“PEOs”), cannabis consultants, and financial investment firms.  We look forward to helping you gain a better understanding of cannabis employers’ legal obligations and how to address these important labor relations issues. 

  • November 17 | 10:30 am – 3:25 pm EST

Past Events

  • 10.22.20

    This year’s presidential election promises to be one for the record books, especially as it comes to determining what is next for immigration reform in the United States as we head into 2021. Please join Fisher Phillips partner and co-chair of the firm’s Global Immigration Practice Group, Davis Bae, for a webinar to discuss the issues we expect to see addressed from both parties leading up to election day and what employers should start thinking about now.

  • 10.22.20

    If you think your California company is not required to provide family/medical leave because you have less than 50 employees, think again. Starting January 1, 2021, the California Family Rights Act applies to employers of five or more employees. The new law opens up a whole new world for many employers who previously never had to know about the CFRA. Those days are over. Join us in this informative webinar that will tell you about the CFRA’s requirements and share best practices.

  • 10.15.20

    Whether you are a non-union company or a company with a longstanding relationship with a union, strikes and picketing activity have increased dramatically over the last couple of years. Join Todd Lyon and Lisa Vickery for a two-hour labor relations program on how to prepare for and succeed against strikes, pickets and boycotts. This exciting program will examine what kinds of activity is lawful, and, most importantly, how to equip your company with the best contingency plan to counter the effectiveness of the union’s actions. HR and Labor Relations professionals will have the opportunity to explore effective lawful decisions in the face of such adversity.

  • 10.13.20

    Discussion of key issues that employers should consider when deciding whether and how to implement a mandatory vaccination program, including shots for this upcoming flu season and for the inevitable COVID-19 vaccine once approved.

  • 10.7.20

    In the midst of the pandemic, California employers continue to face many new laws and regulations. This year, we will discuss the following bills that have either already been signed by Gov. Newsom or are expected to be signed by the end of September 2020.

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