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The Gig Economy is a Champion of Diversity

While the gig economy often gets derided by worker advocates for being unfair to its workers, one aspect of the nature of gig work is often overlooked: it helps boost diversity to an almost unparalleled degree. The nature of the gig business is somewhat ruthless in that it cuts through a lot of bureaucratic red tape and aims directly and specifically to ensure that consumers get exactly what they are looking for: a specific skill to get the job done. Which means that, according to an op-ed in the Stamford Advocate, it creates a “truly level playing field irrespective of location, gender, age, or background.”

People across the country, and in fact across the world, may be in a perfect position to get a specific task done for a business or a consumer at any given time, removing barriers of not only geography but also social background. That means that the “creative possibilities are endless.” In this way, the evolution of gig economy work is a step in a “fairer direction,” as it provides an “opportunity to work with millions of people who aren't necessarily like you.”

The op-ed notes several factors that contribute to this development:

  • A diversity in idea adds value to the final product you are creating. You will get maximum flexibility and maximum accessibility when you tap into the global marketplace to find workers to perform tasks for you.
  • Tapping into the freelance workforce allows you to access the best people and projects in a wide variety of fields. “The best talent will always have options – and working within the platform economy is just one of them.”
  • An international workforce is to your benefit. Talent is truly everywhere, the op-ed notes, and you should not ignore skilled workers just because they are on the other side of the world.

“Businesses have never had access to such depth and reach of creative talent before,” the op-ed concludes. “To miss out on the benefits of this diversity simply because we are stuck in well-worn narratives and assumptions is such a waste of potential for a society in desperate need of creative diversification.” Your organization should re-think its approach to a gig economy workforce if you are truly interested in championing diversity among your ranks.

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