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On the heels of the NYC Council passing (and the mayor signing into law) a bill requiring minimum payments for ride-sharing drivers and a one-year freeze on the number of ride-sharing vehicle licenses issued, the NYC Council just passed another six new bills aimed at protecting both taxi drivers and ride-sharing drivers. The bills, approved by the Council on November 14 and expected to soon be signed into law by Mayor DeBlasio, are focused not only on drivers’ pay, but also on the financial and mental well-being of drivers in the wake of a spate of recent driver suicides and some of the more macro-economic issues facing the taxi and ride-sharing industries in NYC.

I wrote an article about a recent case decided by the New York Court of Appeals – New York’s highest court – where the court ruled that non-staff instructors who taught yoga classes at the employer’s studio were properly classified as independent contractors, and not employees. The case is a boon to New York employers who appropriately use independent contractors, as it provides them with ammunition in dealing with a New York State Department of Labor that is ever increasingly aggressive in challenging employers’ independent contractor classifications. 

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