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Posts from November 2020.

The dust is beginning to settle after California voters overwhelmingly approved a new test for determining whether app-based rideshare and delivery drivers are considered employees or independent contractors, essentially overturning the ABC Test as it applies to a wide swath of the gig economy. But now that Proposition 22 proved to be wildly successful, what’s next? Here are the five biggest questions – and some answers – that remain in light of this groundbreaking development.

Now that all major media outlets have projected Joe Biden to be our next president, it is natural to begin to wonder what the next four years might look like for the gig economy. Our firm published a detailed assessment about what employers can expect in 11 key areas of workplace law that you can find here. I’d encourage you to give it a look; it covers some fascinating territory.

In one of the most closely watched (and most expensive) fronts in the ongoing battle over employment classification of gig workers, California voters appear to have approved Proposition 22, a ballot measure that confirms the independent contractor status of certain rideshare and delivery drivers. While likely not the end of the debate, the passage of Proposition 22 is a big win for the gig economy as it may have ripple effects across the industry.

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