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Posts from May 2016.

My colleague John Polson and I co-wrote an article for our firm’s On The Front Lines newsletter about the recent Uber settlement, entitled “Uber-Expensive Settlement Could Be Uber-Important To Employers."

We just tackled the issue of arbitration agreements and gig economy employers in a post a few days ago, but the issue was just framed again in a Dealbook blog post appearing in the New York Times.

Last week, Charlotte Garden wrote a fascinating piece for The Atlantic asking the question, “What would a Merrick Garland confirmation mean for the future of gig work?”

Uber and Lyft – the country’s two largest ride sharing companies – announced yesterday they have suspended services in Austin, Texas, after voters defeated a ballot measure which would have overturned an ordinance requiring fingerprint-based criminal background checks for drivers performing services for any “transportation network company” (a “TNC”).

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