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The Fisher Phillips Approach to Project Management in Labor and Employment Matters

Fisher Phillips takes a systematic approach when managing client matters to achieve the following goals:

We accomplish these goals through the application of project management disciplines and processes.  Our approach to client project management incorporates actions in four phases, as follows:

  1. Defining and Learning – Our goal in the initial phase of a new matter is to make sure we’re on the same page as our client. We take time to understand the stakeholders involved in the matter, prepare and agree on a scope of work for the matter, and determine a preliminary timeline.
  2. Planning and Budgeting – Next, working collaboratively we establish a plan to handle the matter while sticking to an appropriate budget, including making work assignments, developing a more robust timeline, and developing a work breakdown plan based on the agreed-upon scope of work.
  3. Executing and Working – Throughout the course of handling the matter, we monitor the work for adherence to the agreed-upon strategy and plan. We communicate with stakeholders as appropriate and manage scope changes as early as possible in collaboration with our client.
  4. Evaluating and Learning – We assess the satisfaction of the client and Fisher Phillips with the process and results, learn important lessons that can be applied to future matters, and capture work product that can be repurposed for the client's benefit.

We believe that using project management tools and approaches strengthens the partnership of lawyer/law firm and client, increases trust levels, and adds an important layer of transparency which fosters the most efficient practices.  

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