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Summary Judgment Obtained on Former Company President’s Claims

Plaintiff, the former President of our client Kenko International and a 25 year employee, alleged ten causes of action including age discrimination, disability discrimination, national origin discrimination, and breach of contract. He brought these claims against three different defendants under a joint employer theory of liability between the parent and subsidiary corporations. The case included significant amounts of discovery, including five sessions of plaintiff’s deposition and four defense depositions, one of which occurred in Japan. Plaintiff was represented by Shegerian & Associates and refused to resolve the case for anything less than $10 million.

After two years of litigating we filed motions for summary judgment on behalf of all three corporate defendants. One month prior to trial, the Los Angeles Superior Court granted all three motions in their entirety and ruled that Plaintiff was terminated for legitimate good faith business reasons and that he failed to establish that Defendants acted with any discriminatory animus.

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