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Jury Win in Pregnancy Discrimination Case

A former receptionist for our client, Pearson Animal Hospital, Inc., sued in California state court for pregnancy discrimination and related claims. She alleged that she was prepared to return to work following her maternity leave, but that the hospital offered her only part-time work and failed to communicate with her properly about reinstatement. She also claimed that the hospital owner and supervisor failed to accommodate her morning sickness by allegedly failing to allow her to eat and drink throughout the day and forcing her to carry and drag large bags of dog food and other heavy items. Finally, the plaintiff alleged she was not permitted to take her legally mandated rest periods and full lunch periods.

After a six-day trial, a San Diego jury rejected all 13 of the plaintiff’s claims. The evidence established that the plaintiff was on state disability for depression at the time that she later claimed she was ready to return to work. Testimony from current and former hospital co-workers revealed that the plaintiff was allowed to eat and drink whenever she wanted at work and that she received help with her job duties whenever needed during the time she had morning sickness. The jury also found that the defendants did not harass, discriminate or retaliate against the plaintiff and did not deny her meal and rest breaks.


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