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Termination of Executive for Credit Card Misuse Upheld

A high-level female executive of our client, a national communications company, was fired for misuse of her corporate credit card. She had used the company’s credit card for unapproved charges and failed to file expense reports in violation of company policy. She sued in federal court in Georgia, alleging that her termination was based on gender. She also contended that her supervisor harassed her by treating her differently than her male co-workers and discriminated against her by paying her less than male employees. We moved for summary judgment and the court granted our motion. The court held that the plaintiff was unable to show that the reason that the company gave for her discharge was pretext for unlawful discrimination. Although the plaintiff claimed that there were instances where similarly situated male employees had also engaged in poor recordkeeping and abuse of the company’s corporate card policies without being terminated, she failed to produce any specific facts to support her allegations. Finding that there was no convincing evidence that men and women were treated differently, the court dismissed all claims. 


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