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Defense Verdict Obtained in Retaliation Lawsuit

The quality manager of our client RAMiX, Inc. developed an irrational paranoia that she was going to lose her job to an outside quality auditor. In a misguided effort to protect her job, she began a campaign of undermining both the company and the auditor. She also complained that she had been sexually harassed. After her campaign against the company and the outside auditor intensified she was demoted. She sued in California state court, alleging that all of RAMiX's employment actions taken with respect to her were retaliatory. Following trial the jury found that while the plaintiff had made a good faith complaint of sexual harassment, that complaint was not a motivating factor in any adverse employment action. In addition, the jury found that the plaintiff had a duty of loyalty to RAMiX and was guilty of a culpable degree of negligence in breaching that duty because of her insubordinate and subversive conduct.


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