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A recent study conducted by the National Highway Transportation Safety Association (NHSTA) attributes 94 percent of serious automobile crashes to human error. Based on this key fact, the NHSTA is hopeful that autonomous vehicles will considerably reduce the number of accidents and associated damages. The bad news is that determining who is at fault when AV accidents occur may prove to be a difficult task. Traditionally, accident liability has focused on the actions of the driver. With the advent of AVs, however, liability and risk will likely shift to manufacturers, dealerships, software programmers, relevant third-party suppliers, and the company in charge of training AV operators.

The widespread concern that thousands of trucking jobs will be eliminated by the advent of Autonomous Vehicles (“AV”) has been called into question by a new workforce study from the American Center for Mobility (“ACM”) which found that self-driving technology will support, not displace, truck drivers. 

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