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If you think about the effects of autonomous vehicle technology on safety, you will probably think about the well-discussed potential to increase traffic safety.  But there are also important effects of the rise of the electric and autonomous vehicle industry on workplace safety. 

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As the debate continues about the potential impact autonomous vehicles will have on traffic patterns, automobile safety, commute times, real estate valuations, and a slew of other factors, employers may soon have to contemplate changes in their own work practices. Specifically, businesses should begin to review their remote work policies and plan for how autonomous vehicles will impact an employee’s ability to work remotely.

Last month, Samsung announced it plans to hire 1,000 artificial intelligence researchers as part of a $20 billion investment in artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies over the next three years. If past experience is any indication, the emergence of these new technologies is likely to spur rapid workforce growth in a host of companies. While Samsung may be large enough to absorb 1,000 new employees without much trouble, other companies facing rapid growth may unwittingly set themselves up for legal problems down the road. Here are a few tips for lessening such growing pains.

There is tremendous discussion and debate these days about driverless cars and the future of the American economy.  Some see the rise of autonomous vehicles as an opportunity that will fundamentally change entire industries and open up new opportunities and possibilities for job growth.  Others are increasingly concerned about the potential job loss such automation may create – particularly in industries like transportation and delivery services.

The autonomous vehicle revolution promises many benefits.  To name a few: eliminating virtually all accidents; drastically reducing traffic congestion; and providing an economical and environmentally friendly mode of transportation.  However, if AVs are to achieve their full potential, interconnectivity is the key.  AVs will need to communicate with each other, the surrounding infrastructure, and with a host of platforms. 

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